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The Wasp Woman, Roger Corman's 1959 B-Movie Cult Classic, Gets A 2020 Facelift As An Audio Thriller.

VO Rep, a new content creator, launches today to stream pop audio-scripted entertainment.


How far would you go to be beautiful?

(New York, NY) The Voiceover Repertory Company (VO Rep), a new producer of pop audio drama, announces today that they will release their premiere production, The Wasp Woman, as a streaming audio drama available on all major podcast platforms and

The Wasp Woman is a campy adaptation of the 1959 B-movie of the same name produced by Roger Corman. The half-hour satirical drama is a cautionary tale of a corporate cosmetics queen who will do whatever it takes to stay youthful and relevant, no matter how horrific the costs.

VO Rep is a brand-new audio entertainment company created to provide "pop audio drama" with a fresh and unique take for discerning audiences seeking value for their attention. Each podcast-sized episode will feature an adapted or original story full of action, wit, and color – a lot of fun in a small package, "snack food for your ears." VO Rep plans to release four full audio productions annually, with smaller works interspersed throughout the year.

VO Rep is the brainchild of voiceover artist Tara Langella, the company's founder. Tara credits the inspiration for starting VO Rep to her love of theater; her uncle – actor Frank Langella (The Trial of The Chicago 7) – introduced her to the world of the repertory company, where a group of artists tirelessly worked on and off the stage to create both art and a community.

This sense of community is the basis for VO Rep. "I want to bring together an ensemble of dynamic and versatile voice actors, sound designers, directors, and other creatives to tell their own stories with an irreverent point of view," says Tara. In the true spirit of a repertory company, all founding members of the group are involved in the curation and script development process, in addition to the actual performance.

Veteran voice actor Ken Foster and accomplished voice actress Susan L. Parker bring their broad professional experience to their roles as performers and VO Rep founding members. Foster's clients include brands such as McDonald's and Walmart. Parker's extensive overseas experience and business background have tempered and honed her voice for worldwide audiences.

The members' irreverent point of view drew creative director Daniel Azarian to the company. Azarian, a commercial producer of branded entertainment, helmed VO Rep's concept of presenting classic work with a modern flair. He sees The Wasp Woman as the perfect project to launch VO Rep. An example is how the retro sensibility of the script, music cues, and dialogue are melded with a sharp modern sensibility, such as references to Botox and millennial vocal fry. This blend of styles is not just being used for production but also for marketing and promotion.

Writer Steve Weintz has been tapped to write for the company and wrote the adaptation of The Wasp Woman. Weintz's articles on weird and obscure military technology have appeared in Medium's War is Boring and The National Interest. He relishes adapting stories from one medium to another and draws on the world of vintage pop stories when writing VO Rep's scripts.

Award-winning audiobook producer Michael J. Kinsey will be handling the audio production of The Wasp Woman. Kinsey brings 20 years of experience in audio to VO Rep.

The Wasp Woman is available online on all major podcast platforms and

Listen to Wasp Woman now:

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