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Key Art for Significant Deal by Corene Lemaitre
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How far would you go to be beautiful?

A pop audio drama based on the 1959 cult classic film by Roger Corman. 

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In space, no one can hear you lie

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On original SciFi Audio Drama

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Scenes from your favorite horror movies like you've NEVER heard them before.

Their problems started with a walk on the beach

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A seaside town’s eerie waters that seep into a couple’s bitter baiting of each other.

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Producing a SciFi Audio Drama


Snack Food For Your Ears

VO Rep is a brand-new audio entertainment company created to provide pop audio drama with a fresh and unique take for discerning audiences seeking value for their attention. Each podcast-sized episode will feature an adapted or original story full of action, wit, and color – a lot of fun in a small package, "snack food for your ears." With an emphasis on creating a full cinematic, immersive experience for our listeners, we focus on shorter stories, adapting existing material with a fun and irreverent pop spin.  


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Press for The Wasp Woman

An extraordinary adaptation of the original film. The voices and sound design create a perfect way to inspire images in one’s head of all that is going on. Really quite fantastic. 

- Richard Taylor, Weta Workshop

The standout performance is from Tara Langella, who finds that balance of melodramatic camp and horror/suspense acting found in films like Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho.” The acting is great and reminiscent of those cheesy movies spoofed by Mystery Science Theater 3000.

- Audio Drama Reviews

"The Wasp Woman" pushes all the buttons in the very first minutes.

- Naples Daily News 

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