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They thought it was a desert road trip,
but the alien sex changed everything.

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Premieres Sept. 1st!

Join two hapless slackers on a wild, uproarious road trip through the Nevada desert, as they unwittingly cross paths with casino mobsters, the legendary Beatles, mischievous aliens, the relentless US Airforce, and a cult of eco-activists in this raucous slapstick audio drama. 

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With a zany cast of characters...

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A sarcastic and sardonic slacker, sporting shaggy hair and a perpetual eye-roll. He scoffs at the idea of extraterrestrial life and conspiracy theories.

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A nonchalant dreamer, often fantasizing about epic stunts and improbable get-rich-quick schemes. Spike's superpower? Turning his takeaway lunches into a timeless masterpiece of mold and mystery.

Circle Chreaps.png

The Chreaps

A married couple that sells magic rocks on the side of the road. The worst sort of old people (and they’re not even people.)

Circle Castillo.png

Mr. Castillo

A casino owner with some serious family connections. Don't let his well-spoken and suave demeanor fool you.  Under his polished, well-dressed exterior lies a master of vulgarities, depravity, and endless fart jokes.

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The Beatles

A foursome of bouncers and part-time bodyguards. Gossip in the club scene claims they once dreamed of being musicians, but apparently, they couldn't carry a tune.

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Col. Sanders

A no-nonsense Air Force colonel with a stare that could freeze a rocket in its tracks and a demeanor as tough as a stealth bomber. When she's not dominating the skies, she enjoys showing off her not-so-secret collection of cat videos.

Circle Alien Capt.png

Alien Captain

A charismatic extraterrestrial with a penchant for the peculiar and an insatiable curiosity about Earth's inhabitants. Known for his notorious hot tub parties.

Circle Redwood.png

Gavin Redwood

A sexually fluid and mildly brain-damaged cult leader of an eco-activist cult. His brain injury is a result of an unfortunate encounter with a rogue satellite dish, leaving him with an unorthodox thought process and slight hiccups. 

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The Narrator

Like a velvet thunderclap and a voice that could melt glaciers and charm the stars, this unseen and mysterious storyteller's dulcet tones attempt to make sense of all this idiocy.

Circle ZsaZsa.png

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Former celebrity intent on photobombing this production

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An Original Audio Drama 5-Part Series from
VO Rep

Featuring the Voices of

Ken Foster
Paul Stefano
Tom Antonellis
Suzy P.

Steve Weintz
Tara Langella
Sarah Ruth Thomas
Daniel Azarian

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Narrated by
Andy Mack

Sound Design by
Daniel Azarian

Audio Mastering/Engineering by
Michael Kinsey

Produced & Directed
by Daniel Azarian

Written by 
Steve Weintz


Premiere's Sept. 1st!

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