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New Audio Drama Unleashes Modern Ghostly Obsessions: A Chilling Twist on Celebrity Culture

Key Art for the audio drama, Significant Deal, from VO Rep, written by Corene Lemaitre

[New York, NY] – In a world captivated by fame and haunted by the allure of the supernatural, acclaimed audio production company The Voiceover Repertory Company announces the release of their latest original audio drama, "Significant Deal," by Corene Lemaitre. This captivating production delves into the chilling realm of ghostly obsessions and examines the dark shadows cast by our modern celebrity culture.

"Significant Deal" takes listeners on a suspenseful and chilling journey through the enigmatic world of fame, success, and the quest for recognition. Seamlessly blending elements of the supernatural with a thought-provoking narrative and touches of comedy, the audio drama presents a haunting and timely tale.


At its core, "Significant  Deal" unearths the haunting consequences of our society's relentless pursuit of fame and the daunting price some are willing to pay for it. Crafted with ingenuity by writer Corene Lemaitre, the gripping storyline intertwines modern ghostly obsessions with the relentless ambition and unbridled desire for validation in today's world. Inspired by Henry James' classic ghost story, "The Right Real Thing," the audio drama offers a spine-chilling twist that exposes the dangers of trading authenticity for notoriety.


"Henry James asks us to consider the issues of fame, friendship, privacy, and self-interest," says Lemaitre. "I wanted to explore these ideas through the lens of contemporary celebrity culture."


Lemaitre studied audio drama writing with BBC producer David Ian Neville. She has written for the stage and is a London Playwrights Play Club winner. 


"Significant Deal" features Tara Langella as "actress, model, television personality, and entrepreneur" Mona Steele, and Marisha Tapera as the ghost of her former best friend, the iconic Lauren Watts. The production also features voice actors Ken Foster, Steve Weintz, and Paul Stefano.

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"The script we received from Corene was brilliant. It was a no-brainer that we would produce it," says award-winning director Daniel Azarian, whose credits include music videos, commercials, public service announcements, and film. 

"Corene's skillful mastery of suspenseful tension peppered with bits of humor likened to the dark comedies I watched on the screen as a young adult. It allowed me to push the actor's performances and sound design into the realm of subtle melodrama, which, quite honestly, was so much fun."

"Significant Deal" is available on all major podcast platforms, including

Listen to Significant Deal now:

"Significant Deal"

Written by Corene Lemaitre

Featuring the voices of Tara Langella, Marisha Tapera, Ken Foster, Paul Stefano, and Steve Weintz

Produced and Directed by Daniel Azarian

Sound Design by Daniel Azarian

Audio Mastering and Engineering by Michael Kinsey

Produced by VO Rep

The Voiceover Repertory Company (VO Rep) is a pioneering audio production company committed to delivering cutting-edge audio entertainment to audiences worldwide. Known for its innovative storytelling and high production values, the company continues to push boundaries and redefine audio drama as a compelling medium for modern storytelling.


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