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VO Rep Releases a New Science Fiction Audio Drama that pits man against machine

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(New York, NY) The Voiceover Repertory Company (VO Rep), a new producer of pop audio drama, announces the release of Justice, a science fiction streaming audio drama available on all major podcast platforms and


Justice is the story of an interstellar explorer probing a distant planet for Earth who brings an alien native aboard his starship to meet the ship's artificial intelligence. As the native and AI relationship deepens, it becomes clear that matters are dangerously out of balance, and nothing is as it seems. 

"We wanted to explore the concept of artificial intelligence and its role in society, especially given how it is being used today and being groomed to be an even greater part of our lives in the very near future," states VO Rep's creative director, Daniel Azarian. "Is the SciFi trope of man-made AI that takes over and enslaves us a piece of fanciful fiction, or could it be a genuine threat that imperils our humanity? Recent real-life advances in AI and its application to all aspects of our lives make us ponder a fundamental question - is it inherently good or bad?"

Watch the video trailer for Justice:

Justice features voice actors Chris Okawa as the fiery alien prisoner and Tara Langella as the enigmatic artificial intelligence that controls the ship.  Okawa has recently appeared in The House of The Dead: RemakeFunimation's Number 24, and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.  Langella has lent her voice to ad campaigns for Geico and Febreze and has appeared in Heart of The Woods, Overload, and Reversion the Return.  Justice also features Daniel Azarian as the commander of the ship, Ken Foster as the Bureau of Colonization administrator, and Susan L. Parker as the ship's robotic voice command subroutine.

The half-hour original SciFi drama is written by Steve Weintz, a veteran writer, penning articles and interviews that have appeared in Medium's War is Boring, The National Interest, and Famous Monsters of Filmland.  In addition to the script, Weintz also created an alien language spoken by the actors.  


"I began by uttering nonsense words to myself and getting a conversational rhythm going," said Weintz.  "I Imagined a creature that might not have the vocal apparatus that we do and might click and clack more like a lizard or an insect, so I added a lot of "K"s and a good deal of harsh consonants. I even created an alien pronunciation guide for the actors to use as a resource. It was great fun."

VO Rep is a brand-new audio entertainment company created to provide "pop audio drama" with a fresh and unique take for discerning audiences seeking value for their attention. Each podcast-sized episode will feature an adapted or original story full of action, wit, and color – much fun in a small package, "snack food for your ears." VO Rep will produce several audio productions annually.


VO Rep launched their content platform with the release of "The Wasp Woman," a camp adaption of the Roger Corman horror classic.


​"Justice" is available online on all major podcast platforms as well as

Listen to Justice now:



Written by Steve Weintz
Creative Direction by Daniel Azarian

Featuring the voices of Tara Langella and Chris Okawa

Also featuring Daniel Azarian, Susan L. Parker, Ken Foster, and Steve Weintz

Senior Audio Production by Michael Kinsey

Sound Design by Daniel Azarian

Produced by VO Rep

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