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A voice actor's perspective on creative fulfillment

Join us for an inspiring conversation with Tom Antonellis, a seasoned voiceover artist and teacher, as he shares his lifelong journey in the world of voice acting.

A voice actor's perspective on creative fulfillment

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50 min

Discover the artistry behind voiceover work, the pursuit of creative fulfillment, and the wisdom gained from a career dedicated to the craft.

Tom's work can be seen in such widely released projects as Chip-n-Dale Rescue Rangers, Avengers Endgame, and Joe vs. Carole. He's worked with such companies as the Boston Celtics, Disney, HBO, Marvel Studios, Peacock, and Netflix

For more information on Tom Antonellis, visit:


Twitter: @tom_antonellis

Instagram: @tomantonellis

LinkedIn: @tomantonellis

Facebook: TomAntonellisVoiceoverActor

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