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VO Rep launches its 2021 Season with "Bait," an original audio drama

(New York, NY) The Voiceover Repertory Company (VO Rep), a new producer of pop audio drama, announces today that their 2021 Season will begin with "Bait," a streaming audio drama available on all major podcast platforms as well as on

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Based on a short story by Steve Weintz, "Bait" is a brief tale inspired by Rod Serling and Edward Albee. The eerie waters of Steelhead Bay have claimed another life, and psychiatrist Dr. Janet Cabot struggles with what she's heard, with her husband Blake and with their crumbling marriage. But their baiting each other may be the bait of another kind, luring the unwary to their doom.

Weintz's articles and interviews have appeared in Medium's War is Boring, The National Interest, and Famous Monsters of Filmland.


"'Bait' let me try my hand at some crackling grown-up domestic dialogue," says Weintz. "It's also deeply inspired by The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Black Mirror, and other anthologies of the uncanny."


Bait features voice actors Ken Foster, who most recently appeared in the English version of the Netflix original docuseries "SanPa: The Sins of the Savior," and Susan L. Parker as the troubled couple. 


"It's part domestic melodrama, part unseen mystery – like sending Virginia Woolf into The Twilight Zone," says Foster. "Hard to describe without giving up the ghost, but I cannot wait for people to experience this tale for themselves!"


Actress Parker adds, "This is an audio drama flooded with underlying complexities resulting in the perfect storm! Creating the dynamic of this truly dysfunctional couple was a challenging (or perhaps not so challenging!) delight."


VO Rep is a brand-new audio entertainment company created to provide "pop audio drama" with a fresh and unique take for discerning audiences seeking value for their attention. Each podcast-sized episode will feature an adapted or original story full of action, wit, and color – a lot of fun in a small package, "snack food for your ears." VO Rep will produce several audio productions annually.


VO Rep recently released the critically acclaimed "The Wasp Woman," a camp adaption of the Roger Corman horror classic.


​"Bait" is available online on all major podcast platforms and

Listen to Bait now:




Written by Steve Weintz

Featuring the voices of Susan L. Parker and Ken Foster

Also featuring the voices of Daniel Azarian, Steve Weintz, and Tara Langella

Audio Production by Michael Kinsey

Produced by VO Rep

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